The Makings

Waisted Couture corsets are not mass produced or outsourced. They are hand crafted one by one by a skilled corsetière and with extreme attention to detail.

We have drafted all of our corset patterns from years of experience, they are manufactured exclusively by Waisted Couture.

The following is a list of supplies used in Waisted Couture Tight Lacing, Daily Wear and Fashion Corsets.

Base Fabric The main fabric in any corset is the base fabric. This layer is the strength and structure of the corset, it allows you to tighten and re-distribute. The base fabric will also be close to your skin, so you want it to breathe and be comfortable.

*Waisted Couture uses the highest quality base fabric, 100% cotton Coutil. Coutil has a special herringbone weave that makes it very strong, it provides a sturdy, non-stretch base especially ideal for long-use corsets.

Lining Fabric The point of a corset lining is to protect the base layer from the salts and sweat on your skin and to protect your skin from the corset. Natural fibers are even more important in this layer because they’ll absorb sweat and moisture instead of trapping it against your skin. All of our corsets have an outer lining using the softest, 100% cotton, black twill, some have an inner lining as well. Other colors may be available by request. 

Waist Stay This is a strong twill tape sewn into the interior of the corset at the waistline. It helps to keep the corset from stretching under the stress of cinching in your waist. It also serves to help keep the corset in place because it is positioned to rest on the smallest part of your waist.

Boning High quality spiral and flat steel bones are used throughout to exploit strength and resilience. Using anywhere from 14 to 26 bones and more depending on style. In addition, extremely strong fusion bones are available for extra control when requested.

Face/Fashion Fabric The face fabric is the outer layer that shows when you wear a corset. All of our face fabrics are lined with a hard-wearing interfacing to ensure the lasting durability of the fabric. Check out [ Fabrics ] for different types of fabrics and colors we provide.

Lacing and Grommets Two piece, grommets and washers, are fastened down the back between bones for durability. Standard lacing is 5 yds of 100% Polyester in black and white and colored lacing in 100% cotton. Both come in a flat lace, insuring that knots stay tied tightly.